Containers on a cargo ship

This article has a very simple aim: to assist anyone just starting out with NodeJS and Docker. We will build a simple API server, and containerize it for rapid deployment.


It’s probably pretty obvious that NodeJS will be one of the prerequisites of this project. Depending upon the operating system that you will be developing on, there is a different installation method to use. The official download site is located at:

On Windows
Installing on Windows is a straight forward process. Starting with downloading the Windows Installer (.msi) from the official download site located at: You’ll want the 64…

Part 2— Configuring the Kubernetes Cluster

Boat Wheel
Boat Wheel
Boat Wheel — Photo by Nick Demou from Pexels

We’re back in part two of our series on AKS and DevOps pipelines. If you are just joining us on this journey, you may want to check out the first part of this series: Up and Running with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and DevOps Pipelines— Setting up AKS in the Azure Portal

Now that we have our AKS deployment completed, we need some way to talk with the thing. Thankfully, there is a great command line interface (or CLI) to do just that: kubectl. Kubectl is the KUBErnetes Command-line TooL (the assumption on abbreviation is completely my own!), …

Part 1 — Setting up AKS in the Azure Portal

Orchestra Conductor
Orchestra Conductor
Orchestra Conductor — Photo by Gabriel Santos Fotografia from Pexels

After the nth deployment of Kubernetes in Azure and subsequently connecting Azure DevOps pipelines to it for fully automated deployments, as well as realizing that the setup and multitude of options for AKS can seem overwhelming to even seasoned Azure users — I decided to document it for anyone struggling with a similar setup. Next up in Part 2, we will discuss internal setup for Kubernetes; and in Part 3, we’ll configure an Azure DevOps pipeline to automate deployments to our new AKS resource.

Azure Portal is only one of the many ways to create an AKS resource in Azure…

Tablet with Charts

So you want to display a Sparkline? There’s no need to use bulky libraries, especially those built on top of D3 (don’t get me wrong, many of them are great), or pay for a commercial component here. We can make one fairly easily in order to bring otherwise boring numbers alive!

To tackle this, we are going to use D3.js which is described on Wikipedia as:

D3.js (also known as D3, short for Data-Driven Documents) is a JavaScript library for producing dynamic, interactive data visualizations in web browsers. …

Yes, let’s talk about one of the most controversial subjects of 2020.

I think that there is so much division between people over masks due to the complexity and ever increasing obscurity of the reasoning for wearing one, both for and against. There are many who take the narrative at face value, and there are also some that question things (as one should).

I for one am extremely disappointed in the suppression of the scientific method in the handling of the entire SARS-CoV-2 crisis. No, not by the media or politicians — we all should expect that from them. I…

Samsung Phone displaying the time
Samsung Phone displaying the time

Just the other day, I encountered a weird issue while upgrading an existing Ionic 4 project with Angular 8 to Ionic 5 and Angular 9. After about an hour of searching high and low across the web, I gave in and started to figure it out myself.

I got into this predicament after performing the standard upgrade process for Angular 8 to 9 (Angular has a great utility to help you through upgrades between versions over at:, and doing a quick upgrade to Ionic per the instructions over at the Ionic 5 announcement post.

After that was done, and…

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